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LIFE Groups are Underway

WOW!!!! That is all I can say. What a great kick-off week and we still have more groups to meet.

Last night we had about 80 adults show up for the meal and stay for groups. What a great night!!!
It can only happen because you are faithful to what you feel God leading you to do.

A few reminders:

1. Pray for your group members by name regularly.
2. Remember we are connecting people to people and people to God. (Last night I counted about 6-8 brand new folks–getting them connected helps them stick and grow)
3. Get me your attendance numbers as quickly as possible. We need them for the bulletin on Friday.
4. If you have a group on campus Wednesday nights, make sure you stick to the 8 PM finish as best as you can. Encourage people to get their kids and then fellowship.
5. Continue to push your group members to invite new folks.

Four Goals for groups at RHBC:
1. Connect People to God
2. Connect People to People
3. Outreach to new people
4. Ministry driven

You should begin discussing a ministry outreach project. We want to have every group do an outreach event between March 21 and April 3. This needs to be something that involves the majority of your group members in action together. I will want to know what outreach you are doing by 2/21.

Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom,

Les Jones
Life Group Coordinator

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