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5742 Pleasant Avenue
Fairfield, OH 45014

Church Facility Use Guidelines

To Download a copy of these guidelines, go here: Church Facility Use Guidelines

Once you understand and agree to these guidelines, complete the Church Facility Use Request Form

Responsibilities After Building Use

Please note that it is the responsibility of the group or individual using the facility to setup, cleanup, and return the facility to normal setup after the approved event or activity.

  1. Collect all garbage into bags, tied, and bring it out to the dumpster located behind the church. Replace liners. Please do not leave trash in building.
  2. Wipe off tables. If food or drink is involved, wipe all tables clean using mild soap and water solution. If stains occur, please notify office so correct cleaning solutions can be used to remove stains.
  3. Return all tables, chairs, easels, and other equipment to their proper places after your event. Return all rooms used to their normal setup.
  4. If using the kitchen, please wash and dry all dishes used and return them to the correct cupboard. Take all extra food and beverages with you unless specific plans for usage have been made. Wipe counters and leave clean and ready for the next event. *
  5. Sweep floors and mop as needed, and make sure restrooms are clean. Report any damage to equipment or property promptly to the office. *
  6. Remove any items put up on the walls or set out in connection with your event.
  7. If the building is not in use when finished, please check that all doors are locked, windows are closed, and lights are off. Then lock up.
  8. Set the alarm if you are the last person leaving.

*Dishcloths and towels are located in the cabinet to the left of the sink. A broom and dustpan are located in the utility room. Sweeper is located in the space under the stairwell. Please put equipment back in the proper place when finished. Church members, take soiled towels, dishrags, etc. home; wash/dry, fold, return and put away.

Kitchen Etiquette

  1. Check with the church office for availability of date desired by filling out the Facility Use Request Form.
  2. There could be more than one activity that uses the kitchen in the same week. Therefore, we request that you check with the church office before you bring your supplies to the kitchen.
  3. Please return items to designated cupboards. Cupboards are labeled for your convenience.
  4. Please take home all food and beverage items. We have limited space to store them in our refrigerator.
  5. Cleanup: Please do all dishes, put them away, wipe counter tops and stove, clean sink, sweep floor, and mop if needed. Church members are to take used dishcloths and towels home and launder them, return and put away.
Trash: Trash should be put in garbage cans and tied and taken to the dumpster. Please do not leave any trash in the building. Replace liners, located in the far left drawer under the coffee counter.
  6. If your event is not a church-wide or church team or group related meeting, you are to furnish your own paper goods such as: plates, tableware, napkins, cups, coffee, drinks, etc. Paper tablecloths are available for $3.00 each. Payment is due prior to your event. No refund will be given for tablecloths not used.

Thank you for your cooperation. Help us with these guidelines. This will allow us to better serve the needs of everyone who uses the kitchen. If you have any questions, you may contact the Kitchen Committee.