"intersecting lives for transformation"
9:30 Sunday School for all Ages
11:00 am Worship Service

5742 Pleasant Avenue
Fairfield, OH 45014

What Should I Expect?

When I arrive, where should I go?

Our Hospitality Team will warmly greet you, and will gladly help direct you and your children to the appropriate classroom or group.

What about my children?

We have classes for all age groups. You will find a well-prepared nursery for babies from birth to 4-years-old. All of our workers are trained and prepared to care safely and professionally for your children.

How should I dress?

Dress the way you are most comfortable. Some members prefer to dress more formally for worship, while others prefer to dress casually. Our pastor dresses business-casual, and generally does not preach in a suit and tie.

What is your style of worship?

We currently have one Sunday morning worship at 11:00 am. The 11 am service is energetic in its worship style. Our worship leader is joined by our live praise band and voices from the praise team as they lead us into the presence of God. During the 11 am service, we offer for all children 4 years old through 6th, children’s worship. This time is custom tailored to the specific age groups.

What is the style of preaching?

Our Senior Pastor generally does the preaching. He has been with us for over 10 years. Prior to that, he and his family spent 10 years in the mission field in Brazil, and has over 30 years ministry experience. He presents the Word of God in practical ways that powerfully influence daily life.

Will I be “highlighted” or called upon during worship services?

No. There will be a brief word of welcome at the beginning of the service, but as a visitor, you will not be pointed out or called upon to say anything, or asked to give anything. We simply invite you to let us help you on your spiritual pilgrimage by letting us know how we can pray for you. If you would like someone to call on you, or if you would like more information about our church, you can indicate that on the communication card that will be available in the seat backs.

What else should I know?

Our desire is to help you experience the Risen Christ in your daily life. He is in the life-transforming business! If we can help you meet Him, and learn to walk with Him as your Lord and Savior, we will feel greatly privileged. We invite you to join us on the journey of knowing, loving, and serving God.

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