Life-Groups-Join todayWhat is LIFE@rhbaptist?

Small groups of individuals sharing life together, building relationships, engaged in authentic spiritual fellowship.

Why LIFE@rhbaptist?

While there are several educationally focused parts of RHBC, LIFE@rhbaptist focuses on the relational aspect of spiritual development. Small groups of people seeking to invest in each other’s lives through authentic fellowship while growing deeper in their walk with God. These small groups of people are ideal entry points for newcomers to RHBC to connect and get plugged in.

What does “invest in each other” mean?

We care about each other to the point that we “spend” ourselves. It may be over a cup of coffee or on a short day of shopping, but an intentional effort is made to “invest” in each other. No one should go it alone.

How long do I commit to LIFE@rhbaptist?

LIFE@rhbaptist is ongoing. We want to invest in each other as long as we can. LIFE groups meet for 12-13 weeks and then you can sign up for another LIFE group that interests you.

I’m in Sunday School now. Why should I be part of LIFE@rhbaptist?

Sunday School is one of the main educational arms of RHBC and as such is part of LIFE@rhbaptist. While knowledge is gained, deep relationships cannot be formed. LIFE@rhbaptist has relational community at its core.