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11:00 am Worship Service

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Fairfield, OH 45014

Christmas Lessons for the New Year

Luke 2:15-16

Notes from sermon:

  1. Act on the Urgent
  • Is there anything that God is wanting you to do that you have not done?
  • Need to make sure you know what the urgent is and not only the thing(s) that make the most noise.
  • Many believers are like the 1st LT that told the two radar operations at Pearl Harbor to ignore the bleeps they saw, probably just interference
  1. Prioritize the Important
  • Matthew 2:1-2
  • Matthew 2:11-12
    • Things that were prioritized by the wise men
      • The Word-follow and study the Word
      • Worship
      • Wealth-offering it all to Jesus
      • Work-doing His work
  • A wise believer will prioritize the same things
  1. Respond to the Evil
  • Matthew 2:16
    • Don’t be confused about or let bad things knock you off your walk with the Lord
    • God’s spirit strengthens us against evil
  • Matthew 2:13-14
    • You have to separate yourself from evil or bad situations
    • If you’re in a relationship or job that is draining you, you need to determine what’s important to you and may have to separate from it.  Does not totally apply to marriages, that should be handed over to God to work through the circumstances.
  1. Refresh the Heart
  • Refresh your heart in the Lord
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